What’s the right word?

I can’t think of the right words to describe Robin.  Creative, generous, gentle, Christian.  Inspiring.  Those are good words.  Robin is one of my students.  She already knew how to sew.  But asked me to teach her how to make garments.  She sees what she likes or she finds an example, then she wants to make it.  She has ideas of how to change it.  Make it longer, different fabric, make it to fit a friend or one of her family.  This is her:


She’s a lot of fun.  Sometimes we talk so much we don’t get much sewing done.  Neither of us mind.

New Chapter

In August I will start a new chapter in my life.  My work as a Certified Medication Aid will come to an end and my new job as a Payroll Specialist will begin.  What this means is an opportunity to teach more as I will have a set schedule instead of rotating days off.  I will be able to plan classes for Saturdays.  Evenings too.  I’m also in search of a space to rent for teaching.  I’ve been teaching at my dining room table, but I find that is sometimes a hassle when my house is a mess.  And it’s a mess more often than not!  I’m excited to say the least.  God has been blessing my socks off.  So say a prayer for me and stay tuned for tutorials, projects and more fun as I start my new chapter of life.