Perfect Ironing Board

There was a time when I wanted a large ironing board. But I had no need for the regular store bought kind with one narrow end.  So to get what I wanted, I had to be creative.

A friend was getting rid of his coffee table and offered it to me. First thing I did was ask him to take the top off.   The first time I covered it, I used poly batting. It’s what I had on hand.  Big mistake.  It melts when it gets hot. (Duh!)

So a year ago, I recovered it.

First, I covered it with 2 layers of Warm and White batting,  just the right amount of cushion.  Then I covered it with Ironing Board Cover Silver utility fabric from the local fabric shop.  I stapled the layers to the back of the board.

It’s just the right size for quilt backing, batting or any large project I need to iron.  And it fits on my dining room table.

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