Sewing Lessons


Some of you know that I broke my left arm on the first Friday of November.  Of course, I had to cancel just about everything in my life.  Now 8 weeks later, I’m not quite back to normal but at least now I can sew.  I’m loving it.  Projects I started for clients can now be finished.  And my sewing girls (as I call them) have started up their lessons again.  Yay!!  I have 2 students that have been coming for lessons for almost a year and a half.  One started out learning to sew garments and the other learning to sew quilts.  Now they are both working on quilts. They’ve come a long way.  They both started with no knowledge of how to use a sewing machine.  And now they make quilts, tops, skirts, tote bags and whatever else they can dream up.  With their mom’s permission, I’m including photos of them. The photos don’t capture the smiles and laughter. We have so much fun!  Just click on a photo for the slideshow.