Artistic License….

I was told today, “When you know what you’re doing and you change the rules, that is poetic license.  When you don’t know what you’re doing and you change the rules, that is failure”.

Not sure I agree with that.  I think some of my best work has come about because I did know what I was doing, I did know the rules and I did it my own way, anyway.  The key is to understand that you need to know what you’re doing first.

That’s artistic license!

Sewing With Knits

I’ve been sewing with knits since making sweats for my children 25 years ago.  Wow, that seems like a long time.  Anyway, I’ve read many times over these years that you are supposed to use a special needle called a ‘stretch’ needle.  Up until recently, I never had to use one.  Apparently, you don’t need one for every project.  Sewing sweats, t-shirts, shorts and even nylon slips worked just fine with the regular 80/12 universal needle I bought at the local sewing/fabric store.  A month ago I started working on a cute skirt pattern from Deby Coles.  See her website link in the column at the right of this page.  I downloaded her pattern for the Flirty Skirty.  Cute name.  Anyway, I used a couple yards of flowy knit fabric with a wild print that I ordered from  All the serging of seams went well.  No special needles required.  I used a regular sewing machine for the elastic casing and the hem.  The casing didn’t really look too good but its not going to show so I didn’t worry about it.  But the hem was a different story.  It was going to show.  A lot.  I tried a regular needle. Then a bigger needle.  Then a smaller needle.  I researched online and found the recommendations were to use a stretch needle.  But since I never had to use one before, I figured I wouldn’t need one and I could surely find a way around it. I tried a microtex needle then a jersey needle.  Several trips to Joann’s later I finally decided that I should maybe try the stretch needle.  I also put strips of  lightweight knit  interfacing in the hem.  After many tries, many needles and many moments of frustration, I had a beautiful hem on a very cute skirt.  I will probably still try all sorts of different ways to do things, but it’s nice to know someone has already figured out the right way to do it

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