Oh, it’s too hot to wear long scrubs to work!!

photo 9
Isn’t that the truth.  Several years ago I shortened my scrub pants to just below the knee.  It sure beats buying new capris. So, so much better. You would think that at 6 in the morning the temp inside the building would be cool.  But no.  Although it is comfortable for the residents (as it should be), the air is usually too warm for the staff.  This year I shortened several pairs for one of my co-workers.  That’s her in the picture.  Aren’t those cute shoes?  I’m really looking forward to cooler weather.  But until then, I’m gonna be one cool cucumber.


Tonight I finished a making a garment for a local person. I am always so happy when I finish a garment. It’s not only personal satisfaction, a job well done. It’s a feeling of relief-now I can move on to the next project and joy-knowing that this God given talent of is helping others. My next project is to make another garment for the same person and to finish a T-shirt quilt. I love that people trust me to make their garments and quilts. Makes me feel good.

Excitement abounds!

Is this exciting or what?  My first blog post.  Hmm…. Well I have to tell you the reason for me blogging is to share with the world about my love for sewing and quilting.  To share my knowledge.  To share the fun.  To share the things I learn along the way.  So if you love to sew or quilt or both, come along with me on this journey.  Oh the fun we’ll have.